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Leadership development: New free guide

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

What determines return on your investment in leadership development?

The answer hinges on your navigating a number of forks in the road when considering the enterprise. Taken together, these forks in the road form a complexity in which it is easy to get lost. In order for you to avoid some common missteps, I have written a new guide where I untangle the complexity.

When you delve into the tips you will notice a surprising paradox and you might want to consider to what extent the paradox concerns yourself and your organisation. Read more in my new free guide: How to ensure return on investment in leadership development. If you prefer the Swedish version of the guide, click here.


This post is part of a greater scope: Helping my customers and myself increasing accuracy in organisational and leadership development. Next week I will write about a new tool I've developed. Both the guide and the tool are the outcome of 13 years of thinking about the optimal cooperation.


The clients who reach out to me are managing directors, management teams, and executives who want to realise the potential in their organisations and accomplish extraordinary results. They reach out to me because of my ability to transform individuals, teams, and organisations.


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