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Ever considered the difference between leadership development
and management training?

The question is more than an
academic exercise

The manager himself actually agreed with this assessment and could in any case not offer any alternative explanation.


We initiated a coaching series and a few sessions down the road, the picture became clear. My client was not demotivated at all. On the contrary, he considered his role to be meaningful. He felt, however, that the dysfunctional management team he belonged to, drained him of his life force. It turned out his “lack of motivation” was a symptom of that problem.

When discussing leadership development and management training, we should be mindful of this anecdote. If we do conclude that development of individuals’ knowledge and skills is the way to go about it, then there are different options to explore.


Would you like to know more?

The ramifications have practical significance to how you and I think about what your organisation needs.


I consider leadership development as the process of
creating ideal conditions for managers. This in turn might involve, for example, organisational development and management team development.

Management training, on the other hand, is more about working with individual managers’ knowledge and skills.


When it comes to investing in individuals’ leadership skills it is important that we always are open to less obvious explanations to the cause of behaviours and mindsets. Let me explain why with an example from my own experience. A manager I once worked with, was considered by his superior manager of lacking motivation.


If you are ready to take your organisation to the next level, this is a call for you.

Individual management training


The conversations tend to be exceedingly interesting and meaningful. They form the springboard to the next level of self-leadership and equip managers with the tools they need to handle difficult situations

Management training
in groups

Ledarutv. i grupp.jpg

The most common format typically includes a number of modules aimed at increasing participants’ knowledge and skills in different areas. For example theories on effective teams and developing a coaching leadership style.

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