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Ever lacked the tools to handle a difficult leadership issue?

This question does not just apply to newly appointed managers. I have worked with senior executives who have realised that their own leadership skills may not have kept pace with their rise through the ranks. They might, for example, lack training in basic skills, such as providing positive feedback. Or how to conduct difficult conversations regarding unacceptable behaviours in the workplace or giving someone a notice of dismissal.


If you are the managing director thinking about management team development, you may be considering if it should be done in combination individual management training. This might be a good idea, but
first we need to conduct a proper needs analysis. It is not uncommon that what appears to be individual challenges are actually symptoms of phenomena at an organisational level. My general advice is not to begin with the individuals, but rather

to take them on in parallel or subsequent to management team development.

Another reason for individual management training, is the concept of every now and then halting and reflecting on your own personal development. To that end, there are instruments available that collect data on what people surrounding the manager perceive as strengths and weaknesses. It is also possible for managers to undergo thorough psychological testing in order to gain a deeper understanding of key driving and restraining forces within a person.

The conversations these measures generate tend to be exceedingly interesting and meaningful. They form the springboard to the next level of self-leadership and equip managers with the tools they need to handle difficult situations.


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