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Words from my customers

Matilda Klintemård

Department Head, SHIS Bostäder

D4S_0146- klar.jpg

I hired Michael with the purpose of finding a balance in my managerial role, and developing my leading other leaders, ultimately ensuring that the department I lead reach its objectives.


With a patient and exploring approach, Michael challenges my way of thinking and assessing situations. I have gained new perspectives and it has become easier for me to see what is essential and what the opportunities are.


After each session, I feel that I leave with new notions and tools that I apply in the workplace. I have achieved a greater understanding of myself, who I am, as well of my obstacles and opportunities. I have also gained new perspectives on and a deeper understanding of the entire organisation in which I operate in. After a few months of collaboration, I feel more courageous, I have found a better balance, and my energy has increased.

I can highly recommend Michael for similar assignments.

Anja Dahlstedt

Director of Culture, Huddinge Municipality

Anja Dahlstedt.jpeg

Michael is perfectly in tune when it comes to group dynamics and team development. We have collaborated on and off for ten years in various contexts and constellations, in both managerial coaching and management team development, initially with me as a team member, later on as leader of the team.

I always feel safe knowing that Michael will support the team in identifying its crucial topics. No stones will be left unturned, and the issues will be resolved. With great flexibility, he continuously adjusts the agenda, providing exercises and theoretical input based on the team’s needs. Michael has a knack for knowing in which phases he needs to be active and drive the group;s interaction and discussion, and when the team rather needs a sensitive and observing process leader, still always ready to intervene when the team’s interaction and problem solving process are insufficient. In managerial coaching, I greatly appreciate our talks where leadership practice is combined with psychological theory.

Initially, I stated that our collaboration spans over ten years. The reason, of course, is that Michael makes a difference in team and individual development. I can warmly recommend Michael for similar assignments.

Maria Ziv

Chief Marketing Officer, Max Burgers AB


Michael is currently working with MAX Burgers, developing both management teams and the organization as a whole. Michael’s approach is research based and professional, and at the same time personal, warm and entertaining. Michael works just as well with leadership teams and individuals as he does with large departments. 

So far in our collaboration, he has guided two leadership teams that I am a part of towards a joint sense of purpose, clarity in roles and responsibilities as well as a common agreement on how to work with and treat each other. He has not been afraid to challenge us, ensuring that we grow both as a group and as individuals. We have left the workshops with clarity, as well as a sense of closeness and joint purpose. We have also been given tools and tasks to ensure that the work we do in these sessions transfer to the rest of the organization. Michael is also working with individual members of my team to help them perform at their highest level.  

I highly recommend Michael for any organization looking to enhance its overall performance, his work is truly transformational.

Pernilla Conde Hellman

Director of Culture, Malmö Municipality


At the Administration of Culture in Malmö Municipality, a number of highly qualified managers is working, each responsible for an institution of great importance to the city's attractiveness. The problem was that everyone worked individually and sometimes even in competition with one another. Michael's mission was to support me in creating a unified management team that worked towards the same long-term goals, with a focus on our citizens and utilizing every tax dollar in the most effective way. We had already laid the foundation for developing our version of trust-based leadership, but we lacked methods and tools to jointly operate in a modern organization.

Guided by Michael, we have transformed from a silent and cautious group to a safe and innovative team in which the members provide strength and joy to one another. During this journey, Michael was my personal coach, which was instrumental in maintaining my course and managing my personal leadership. Throughout the many years in which I have had managerial roles, Michael is undoubtedly the coach who best understands what needs to be done and also is able to deliver tangible results. It has been an exciting and dynamic journey where I especially appreciate Michael's ability to quickly size up a situation and turn the analysis into a workable solution. Also, Michael has a knack for finding the balance between being sensitive to the management team’s needs and challenging us when necessary. By the same token, Michael’s approach is characterized by no-nonsense which I truly appreciate. I highly recommend Michael for similar assignments.

Catherine Nilson

Co-Founder, Steele & Borough


I am an entrepreneur in a competitive industry. For some time, I had been experiencing a lack of inspiration and energy which led me to reach out to Michael. I have consulted several business coaches in my career, as well as having read a lot of books on leadership, personal development, and psychology. Still Michael was able to offer strategies with which I was unfamiliar. From our very first session, I felt Michael was providing new vantage points and ways of thinking.


Michael combines the business perspective with strengthening the individual and he possesses a unique ability to connect the dots in a way I have not come across before. In summary, I have been given concrete tools and regained my drive, stability and focus which will make a great difference in the endeavours I am facing. I am happy to give Michael my highest recommendations.

Jimmy Weinhandl

Head of Local Store Marketing, Max Burgers AB  

Jimmy Weinhandl 2021.jpg

My international management team had been performing well but I could see that the group leadership ought to be more aligned.  Also, in the department we had to improve organizational learning and become better at exchanging best practices between the four countries in which we operate. As we will add new countries and increase staff in the existing countries, the need for developing leadership, defining structures and clarifying processes is growing.  To that end, I reached out to Michael.  

When considering the outcome of the collaboration, it is evident that we have achieved profound consensus in purpose and vision. Aligned with those overarching concepts, we have started identifying and delivering on meaningful action items. We have improved the meeting structure of the department and begun using new tools for more efficient meetings. We have improved our onboarding process, and secured buy-in for the business strategy across the entire department. I notice a heightened sense of responsibility from the members of the management team and a significant increase in cooperation and communication between them.  We are working more closely together and everyone agrees that it is finally beginning to feel like one cohesive team.  

When evaluating the cooperation with Michael, a member of the management team said that during his six years at the company, he had never experienced such quality in these kinds of discussions. I strongly recommend Michael and his coaching approach when developing your organization, teams or individuals.

Armine Wannesian

HR-developer, Norrköping Municipality

Armine Wannesian_500px.jpg

Michael conducted a one-day-training session in our Leadership Academy where the participants are experienced managerial talents identified as the senior executives of tomorrow. The training focused on leading through management teams which is a cornerstone of the syllabus. Michael delivered the training professionally and with clarity which allowed for exploration, reflection, and comprehension. His approach was inspirational and enabled the participants to benefit from his deep knowledge of the field.


Not only did the training lead to increased knowledge, but all participants expressed a desire to explore their own management teams, and a drive to take action. The training instigated a positive process for learning and for the organisation itself. I can warmly recommend Michael for similar assignments.

Charly Lupart 

Vice President, Digital Energy Sweden, Schneider Electric 

Charly Lupart

What an experience under Michael’s coaching when you see your entire management team recognizing unanimously themselves in the vision statement they have created during an intense workshop. Open and transparent dialogues have been extremely well managed by Michael to reach this goal. His experience plays a great role in facilitating the team’s creativity, making sure everyone speaks up, and materializing the exchanges and alignments. 


Since then, we have a management team openly discussing challenges and tackling those while trying to understand the point of view for each member. This has laid down great foundations in our management team, its journey, and the way we are leading our subordinate teams on a daily basis. 


Looking for a proper alignment on purpose, mission and vision within your team, Michael is a great expert to bring in achieving that.

Pia Alm Böö

Department Head, Adult Education, Norrköping Municipality 


Due to our history, the management team was set in a stalemate which affected our ability to advance. Furthermore, we found it hard to communicate in a way that benefitted the group as a whole. We were experts in advocating our individual positions but not equally skilled in listening and appreciating one another. I hired Michael since we needed help to move forward. In an easy-going manner Michael quickly captured the needs of the team and together we were then able to resolve one issue after another. 

One month after the management team development with Michael, I can ascertain that the difference in the team is as obvious as between day and night. The outcome of the collaboration with Michael is that we have established a purpose of the management team, as well as goals. Also, we have a plan for a more efficient meeting structure. What I appreciate the most, however, is that Michael brought to our attention how we talked amongst ourselves. Nowadays the communication is more peaceful, we both validate each other and listen with curiosity to a greater extent. I can warmly recommend Michael for similar assignments.

Richard Bergfors

CEO, Max Burgers AB

Richard_Bergfors_press_image - kopia.jpg

We have engaged Michael in managerial selection, executive coaching and management team development. When working with the Group Management, Michael provided relevant tools and processes for continuous improvement and change. In a straightforward manner, Michael helped the management team prioritise, focus and clarify ambiguities.


Calling things as he saw them, Michael quickly earned the management team’s trust. This resulted in the management team being able to decide on a common goal and detail a strategy going forward. In parallel, the team has levelled up: Cohesion is stronger and energy level is higher. I can wholeheartedly recommend Michael for similar assignments.

Anders Rehn

Managing Director, FASAB


We have cooperated with Michael on several occasions including management team development, work team development and individual leadership training. I perceive Michael as a committed and downright kind of person. Employing a research-based methodology, he has helped us develop the collaboration within the management team as well as with our staff. In his consultant role, Michael does not hesitate to challenge us when needed, at the same time being easy-going and displaying a sense of humour and warmth.


The outcome of the cooperation thus far is more effective management team meetings, where we have become more strategic and focused. In our everyday leadership we have acquired tools enabling us to lead processes, increase clarity in our communication and manage change. Furthermore, we have gained insight in what behaviours drive performance and decrease stress, and we have become more confident and functional leaders. I recommend him without reservation.

Anna Bennich Karlstedt

HR Manager, Folkhem


When Michael worked with our management team, we substantially developed our ability to sort and prioritise, which enabled us to focus on global and strategic issues. The cooperation also clarified our managerial roles which facilitated the individuals’ abilities to assume responsibility. Furthermore, our communication has become more problem-solving.

Michael caught less functional courses of events in the management team, illuminated them and provided training in more functional strategies. Michael strikes the perfect balance between being compassionate and forthright, which was exactly what we needed. Michael comes with my highest recommendation.

Rita de Castro

Department Head, Botkyrka Municipality


I have had the privilege of having Michael as my coach. In our cooperation he has helped me analysing situations and facilitated my prioritising in my leadership. He mixes being professional and personal with genuine consideration for his client and he is keen to challenge in a manner that gives new perspectives and results in real development.


Michael has coached me towards viewing my organisation systemically and he has shaped my developing the management team I lead. Furthermore, Michael has helped me and my organisation with personal assessments concerning managerial roles. He always provides clear and concrete feedback which facilitates onboarding and development of new hires.


I warmly recommend Michael for all these kinds of assignments.

Tobias Nilsson

President, IDEA


Faced with a comprehensive and challenging change initiative, it has been tremendously rewarding working with Michael. He provides the tools you need for identifying, analysing, and managing a situation. I have tangibly improved my ability to manage complex processes and collaborations, as well as to support my managers and staff.

Furthermore, as a change facilitator, Michael has delivered great value. When challenging participants, Michael displayed empathy and a light touch which enabled them to identify unspoken problems and jointly take important development steps. It would not have been possible to achieve as much in such a short period of time without Michael. I wholeheartedly recommend him for similar assignments.

Helena Önneby

HR Consultant


I worked with Michael for several years as I was working in different HR management roles in the building industry. I highly appreciate Michael for his deep knowledge, experience, and his professionalism when it comes to human assessment and development as well as his own personality and communication style.


He is always open to dialogue and was a great sounding board for me whether we worked together on personal assessment of managers, needs for coaching or organisational and team development. I highly respect Michael and can truly recommend him for any of the areas mentioned above.

Jonas Jonsson

Managing Director UK & International 4C Strategies

JOJO 2019.jpg

I had the pleasure to introduce Michael to our new international management team, a group of highly qualified individuals, all working very hard in their own ways. Michael provided, in English, in a UK context, a two day workshop that gave all of us some substantial “aha” moments about the way to operate together as a management team, together with a foundation from which we are now moving forward. 

A highly professional facilitator and team coach, it was a pleasure to work with Michael, and in the words of one of my senior directors "I am very glad that we went through with this investment."

Charlotte Lagerkvist

Head of Department of adult services, Botkyrka Municipality


During our perennial cooperation, I have always appreciated Michael’s professional approach. He inspires people, enabling them to experience fun and excitement in change. Michael coached our management team, resulting in us becoming more goal-oriented and more skilled in problem-solving communication. He also helped the extended management team, comprised of 40 individuals, to unify in the journey towards an organisation characterised by a focus on the common purpose.

This resulted in improved collaboration between teams. On the individual level, Michael has coached several of my managers, resulting in improved leadership and goal achievement. Michael is a warm and humoristic person, displaying ingenuity and passion in everything he undertakes. I highly recommend him.

Kristin Hultheimer Ricci

HR Partner, SBAB


I have cooperated with Michael in managerial selection where he assumes responsibility for the entire process. The process ranges from him establishing a profound understanding of the role and its organisational conditions, through ensuring a good candidate experience, to a lucid and useful report. The report also always contains advice pertaining to the onboarding process, which is useful to the recruiting manager. Following hiring of candidates, Michael has in several cases been assigned with coaching them, in order to work with the development areas identified in the assessment. Michael carries out the assessment process in a profoundly professional manner and I am happy to recommend him for similar assignments.

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