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Seventy percent of change initiatives fail

Whether it is objectively true or not, does not really matter. From this point on, the uphill battle just keeps getting steeper and steeper.

Of course, there is a counter-image. I have trained and advised managers going through major changes, for example in down-sizing initiatives, where the company has invested in process facilitation.


The organisation has implemented the change with dignity and respect and given the circumstances, outcome was positive. Frontline managers dealing with the redundancy received the support they needed before, during and after the change.

Change management is a difficult enterprise, but not an impossible one. I am happy to discuss how to ensure your change initiative ends up being among the successful 30%.

Would you like to know more?

Are you surprised? I wish I could say I am, but my experience with change management corresponds with that number. I have been called in when change have gone wrong. When competent managers and employees, in the severe cases, have fled the organisation. Apart from the obvious anguish and deteriorated trust, the monetary cost for the organisation is hard to overestimate.

I have seen change management initiatives turn into multiple front wars between management teams, project leaders and staff. Normally sensible and well-meaning people are suddenly unrecognisable. Why is this?


Based on conversations with battle-scarred managers and project leaders, my conclusion is the launch of the change process has been based on a fundamental misjudgement. If you’d like to find out, please reach out. Also, the change has been implemented without sufficient process facilitation.


If you are ready to take your organisation to the next level, this is a call for you.

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