I transform

individuals, teams,
and organisations

The outcome is dedicated and high-performing companies

The clients who reach out to me are managing directors, management teams, and executives who want to realise the potential in their organisations and accomplish extraordinary results.


They reach out to me because of my ability to transform individuals, teams, and organisations.

You will find their testimonials here.

Are you a CEO, managing director or a senior manager who would like to take your organisation or yourself to the next level by developing a strong leadership and well-functioning management teams and work teams?


Have you also concluded that the best result is attained by engaging expert assistance? 

When you consider your organisation, my guess is that you see great customer offerings, committed and competent people, and happy customers. However, I guess you also see that there is room for improvement.

My reason why

My customers and clients are preoccupied with various degrees of difficulties. Sometimes their experiences are emotionally demanding, and I remember in particular a client leading an organisation with a headcount exceeding 1000. When the client told me about the management team, the despair brought tears to her eyes.  We decided to start a collaboration composed of management team development as well as coaching of the individual managers.


Six months later I received an email from my client: “It’s like a miracle. A few months ago, every single meeting ended in chaos. Today people barely wanted to leave the room." I cannot in words express the deep sense of satisfaction that email gave me. And right there you have my reason why.

Best regards,
Michael Soderling



3# What they don't tell you about change management

Some of the knowledge I’m about to share with you in this guide is largely unknown. I base this on my experience that people usually ‘see the light’ when I explain, from a psychological perspective, the background to the mechanisms that occur when individuals, teams and organisations undergo a process of change.




“The outcome of the cooperation is more effective management team meetings, where we have become more strategic and focused. I recommend Michael without reservation.”