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Inspiration and knowledge to download

When meeting clients, I see that the challenges they are facing in their organisations, oftentimes could have been avoided. Here you will find free guides that will help you prevent or amend those kinds of problems.

1# How to create a successful management team

2# Organisational development:Unleash the potential for improvement

3# What they don't tell you about change management


I have created this guide to help you avoid the most common pitfalls that I notice in most of the management teams that seek my help.


If you are responsible for managing an organisation then this guide is for you. In it are the tools to identify the

development potential which is the first step in being able to take your

business to the next level.

GUIDE_ Oragnisationsutvecking_ Hitta fö

Some of the knowledge I’m about to share with you in this guide is largely unknown. I base this on my experience that people usually ‘see the light’ when I explain, from a psychological perspective, the background to the mechanisms that occur when individuals, teams and organisations undergo a process of change.

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