Words from my customers

Richard Bergfors

CEO, Max Burgers AB

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"We have engaged Michael in managerial selection, executive coaching and management team development. When working with the Group Management, Michael provided relevant tools and processes for continuous improvement and change. In a straightforward manner, Michael helped the management team prioritise, focus and clarify ambiguities.


Calling things as he saw them, Michael quickly earned the management team’s trust. This resulted in the management team being able to decide on a common goal and detail a strategy going forward. In parallel, the team has levelled up: Cohesion is stronger and energy level is higher. I can wholeheartedly recommend Michael for similar assignments."

Anders Rehn

Managing Director, FASAB


“We have cooperated with Michael on several occasions including management team development, work team development and individual leadership training. I perceive Michael as a committed and downright kind of person. Employing a research-based methodology, he has helped us develop the collaboration within the management team as well as with our staff. In his consultant role, Michael does not hesitate to challenge us when needed, at the same time being easy-going and displaying a sense of humour and warmth.


The outcome of the cooperation thus far is more effective management team meetings, where we have become more strategic and focused. In our everyday leadership we have acquired tools enabling us to lead processes, increase clarity in our communication and manage change. Furthermore, we have gained insight in what behaviours drive performance and decrease stress, and we have become more confident and functional leaders. I recommend him without reservation.”

Anna Bennich Karlstedt

HR Manager, Folkhem


“When Michael worked with our management team, we substantially developed our ability to sort and prioritise, which enabled us to focus on global and strategic issues. The cooperation also clarified our managerial roles which facilitated the individuals’ abilities to assume responsibility. Furthermore, our communication has become more problem-solving.

Michael caught less functional courses of events in the management team, illuminated them and provided training in more functional strategies. Michael strikes the perfect balance between being compassionate and forthright, which was exactly what we needed. Michael comes with my highest recommendation.”

Rita de Castro

Department Head, Botkyrka Municipality


”I have had the privilege of having Michael as my coach. In our cooperation he has helped me analysing situations and facilitated my prioritising in my leadership. He mixes being professional and personal with genuine consideration for his client and he is keen to challenge in a manner that gives new perspectives and results in real development.


Michael has coached me towards viewing my organisation systemically and he has shaped my developing the management team I lead. Furthermore, Michael has helped me and my organisation with personal assessments concerning managerial roles. He always provides clear and concrete feedback which facilitates onboarding and development of new hires.


I warmly recommend Michael for all these kinds of assignments.”

Tobias Nilsson

President, IDEA


“Faced with a comprehensive and challenging change initiative, it has been tremendously rewarding working with Michael. He provides the tools you need for identifying, analysing, and managing a situation. I have tangibly improved my ability to manage complex processes and collaborations, as well as to support my managers and staff.

Furthermore, as a change facilitator, Michael has delivered great value. When challenging participants, Michael displayed empathy and a light touch which enabled them to identify unspoken problems and jointly take important development steps. It would not have been possible to achieve as much in such a short period of time without Michael. I wholeheartedly recommend him for similar assignments.”

Helena Önneby

HR Consultant


“I worked with Michael for several years as I was working in different HR management roles in the building industry. I highly appreciate Michael for his deep knowledge, experience, and his professionalism when it comes to human assessment and development as well as his own personality and communication style.


He is always open to dialogue and was a great sounding board for me whether we worked together on personal assessment of managers, needs for coaching or organisational and team development. I highly respect Michael and can truly recommend him for any of the areas mentioned above.”

Jonas Jonsson

Managing Director UK & International 4C Strategies

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“I had the pleasure to introduce Michael to our new international management team, a group of highly qualified individuals, all working very hard in their own ways. Michael provided, in English, in a UK context, a two day workshop that gave all of us some substantial “aha” moments about the way to operate together as a management team, together with a foundation from which we are now moving forward. 

A highly professional facilitator and team coach, it was a pleasure to work with Michael, and in the words of one of my senior directors 'I am very glad that we went through with this investment'.”

Charlotte Lagerkvist

Head of Department of adult services, Botkyrka Municipality


“During our perennial cooperation, I have always appreciated Michael’s professional approach. He inspires people, enabling them to experience fun and excitement in change. Michael coached our management team, resulting in us becoming more goal-oriented and more skilled in problem-solving communication. He also helped the extended management team, comprised of 40 individuals, to unify in the journey towards an organisation characterised by a focus on the common purpose.

This resulted in improved collaboration between teams. On the individual level, Michael has coached several of my managers, resulting in improved leadership and goal achievement. Michael is a warm and humoristic person, displaying ingenuity and passion in everything he undertakes. I highly recommend him.”

Kristin Hultheimer Ricci

HR Partner, SBAB


“I have cooperated with Michael in managerial selection where he assumes responsibility for the entire process. The process ranges from him establishing a profound understanding of the role and its organisational conditions, through ensuring a good candidate experience, to a lucid and useful report. The report also always contains advice pertaining to the onboarding process, which is useful to the recruiting manager. Following hiring of candidates, Michael has in several cases been assigned with coaching them, in order to work with the development areas identified in the assessment. Michael carries out the assessment process in a profoundly professional manner and I am happy to recommend him for similar assignments.”