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O say can you see

Updated: Jan 9

I can’t remember exactly when the phenomenon of Trump entered my mind but I do remember my reaction.

Me and my partner at the time watched Trump on CNN and the more he spoke, the more confusion and surprise I felt. So, this is a man who is aspiring to be President of the world’s most powerful country. That is problematic in itself, shall we say? What is even more disturbing to me, is that no one in the Republican Party tried to or managed to stop him from rising through the ranks. And look at where we are now.

When watching Trump on TV, I eventually turned to my girlfriend and said “he’s actually insane.” If that is true in a clinical sense, I obviously couldn’t say. But one could ask oneself what insanity really is. At which point is your perception of the world so off the charts that you actually are certifiable? You’ll be the judge of that.

Since I work with leadership development and psychological assessment of managerial candidates, I had planned to discuss Trump in relation to those topics. But, as I write, I realise my energy is not to be found within the intellectual realm, it is within the emotional realm. I’m assuming I am not the only one feeling anger and sadness. I am not in the mood for an intellectual reasoning. I’m in the mood for Pussy Riot.

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